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All About Jesus

Beginning October 6

Though Nicodemus was one of the brightest religious leaders of Chirst's day, he was in the dark when he came to Jesus. He knew the terms, the theology and the rules - But what he wanted to understand most was how to know God. Jesus wanted that for him too, and Jesus saw to it that Nicodemus didn't go away disappointed. The All About Jesus Revival Seminar who't let you go away disappointed either.

All About Jesus: is 13  presentations by Lee & Marji Venden that will help us better how to:

  • Actually give God your heart

  • Develop a personal relationship with Jesus

  • Become a contagious Christian

  • Know Christ's transforming power in your life

  • Really fight the good fight

  • Experience the latter-rain power of the Holy Spirit.

We will begin showing these on Oct 6 for a weekly vesper program at 7 pm. 

Mountain View SDA Church
1002 Fort Bridgman Rd, Vernon, VT 05354

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