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Children’s Ministries

Learn more about Vacation Bible School, our church school, and awesome resources for kids.

Organic Vegetables

Health Ministries

We offer a wide array of seminars and activities focused on improving all aspects of health. 

Piano Keys

Music Ministry

Music is a very important part of worship at Mountain View. 

Happy Tourist

Personal Ministries

We have a very active and vibrant Personal Ministries Department at Mountain View! 


Publishing Ministries

Learn about how you can get books and literature on a variety of topics for free.

Bible discussion group

Sabbath School

learn more about our weekly Sabbath school classes for all ages.


Stewardship Ministries

We believe proper stewardship of time, money, and other resources honors God. 

Uplifted Youth

Youth Ministries

Learn about special programs and activities geared for young people.

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