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Finance Seminar

September 08-09, 2023



Sabbath, 1-2:00 PM

Establishing Life Priorities, Part 1


Whether you’re a young adult or a senior citizen, it’s never too early to establish your life priorities! 


Sunday, 10-11:00 AM

Establishing Life Priorities, Part 2


In this session, we will especially focus on family finances, and how to determine retirement goals. Hint: The younger you are when you think this through, the more likely you will be prepared if Jesus doesn’t return before you retire!


Sunday, 11AM-Noon

How to Have Only ONE Financial Argument Per Year


Take it from a couple that has experienced this method first-hand. It really works! Just because a high percentage of marriages fail because of financial disagreements, yours doesn’t have to be among them. Find out how in this tried-and-true method can bring peace to your financial life.


Sunday, 1-2:30 PM

A Plan to Buy Cars & Houses AND Become Debt-free ASAP


Cars and houses comprise the largest expenditures most people ever make in their lifetimes, and yet few people establish a functional strategy to navigate these purchases wisely. Discover your shortest path to owning your cars and home with ZERO debt!

Mountain View SDA Church
1002 Fort Bridgman Rd, Vernon, VT 05354

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