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Free Bible Studies for Kids!

We offer free Bible studies for kids! The My Place With Jesus Bible study guides (produced by It Is Written) are especially designed for kids ages 7 – 12. These colorful and beautifully designed guides discuss how to have a relationship with Jesus, explain the plan of salvation, and cover the main themes found in the Bible. Please contact us if you’d like to have Bible studies for your children!

Church School

Our local K-8 church school is Pioneer Junior Academy, located in Westmoreland, NH. To learn more, visit

Other Children’s Ministries

Our other Children’s Ministries include weekly Sabbath school classes for all ages, and our Pathfinder Club for ages 10 through 18.

Free Resources for Kids

AudioVerse has free audiobooks for kids! You can listen to The Bible Comes Alive (from My Story Hour), Discovery Mountain stories, Pilgrim’s Progress, and more! Click here to access the free audiobooks for children.

My Place With Jesus is a free, interactive Bible study website for kids! The following is from It Is Written about their special program for kids:

Designed especially for children, My Place With Jesus is a safe, fun place for children online. With games, recipes and wholesome fun – as well as Bible studies that introduce young people to Jesus and His Word – My Place With Jesus is leading young people to a faith in Jesus they can grow up with. It Is Written’s speaker / director, Pastor John Bradshaw, believes that My Place With Jesus is impacting the world of many young people. “At It Is Written, we often hear from young people who have been blessed, or parents who are grateful for a safe, Christ-centered, family-focused website,” he said.

Check out the website at – your kids will love it!!