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Journey to Redemption

Journey to Redemption 

Join us for a self-guided tour around Vernon, Vermont following the “Journey to Redemption” from the fall of mankind to the resurrection of Christ, depicted through visual representations at drive-by locations along the way.  


The route will be open Friday April 2nd 5-7 pm, Saturday April 3rd 1-6pm, and Sunday April 4th 1-6 pm.


Pick up a map, guide-book, and experience bag at the Miller Farm (1732 Fort Bridgman Rd, Vernon VT).


Tour ends at the church of your choice: 


Advent Christian Church (4554 Fort Bridgman Rd)


Mountainview SDA Church (1002 Fort Bridgman Rd)


*All in-person interaction is limited and covid-safe. 

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Audio Guides & Direction

Audio Guides


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